South Steens Wild Horses (Oregon) -Part One

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South Steens Wild Horses M121504_banner

South Steens Wild Horses, Part One


Of course!  It was destined…


This could be a record breaking length blog, if I let it be.  In fact, it turned out so long that I have split it into two parts.  Part One this week and Part Two next week. 


Many of you know we have been coming here for years.  As far back as 2003, we saw wild horses here.  Back then, they were pretty wild.  They certainly didn’t walk up to you!


Back then, we came on vacations and would briefly visit.  We were focused on bird, wildlife and nature photography.  The more we learned about the horses, the more hooked we became. Over time, they dominated.  Now, it’s about all we can think about.  Oh yeah.  We’ll photograph a bird if it flies into the frame.  LOL


Somewhere about 2005, we got seriously hooked and began to spend more time here. So, the South Steens feels like home to us.  When I retired in 2008, we started expanding our horizons and traveling to different HMAs (nearly 30 now) but we still spend a minimum of three weeks a year here, trying to be here is both spring and fall.


I have a lot to say!  However, I think I will try to focus on some of the major players.  I hope that’s okay with you…


I do have to start with a disclaimer.  I have never been much for wild horse names (though I can now see the value of being able to identify the major players), so don’t be surprised if I don’t get the names correct.  I will do my best, with the help of some friends who know them better than me (the names, that is) and the horse charts for the South Steens.  I may even get a relationship or two wrong, but I will do the best I can do.


So.  Let’s see…where do I start?


The Hollywood Herd


Where else?


Bo (short for Bodacious)

Bo is one of the first horses we photographed in the South Steens.  Or at least, I should say, successfully photographed.  Early on, the horses we saw were always at a distance and we didn’t know we could walk anywhere near them.


So when we saw Bo tusseling with two other stallions along the road, we were delighted.  He was with a sorrel and Sundance.  Of course, we didn’t know Sundance then.


Bo must have been a teenager.  He was goofing around with the sorrel while Sundance mostly watched.  They ran along the fence that runs parallel to the highway, biting, kicking and rearing.  We were enthralled but the light was really bad.  We watched for awhile and then decided to move on.  We were gone for several hours.  When we came back along that stretch of highway, lo and behold, there they were doing the same thing. Teenagers!


South Steens Wild Horses M1633cs
























South Steens Wild Horses M1250c



Bo looked a lot lighter then but there is no doubt it’s him.  I’ve compared his blaze and socks with other photos from that day.













He has darkened up, but most of all he has chunked up.  He is one very large stallion now.  Not necessarily tall, but bulky.  Not many stallions want to challenge him.


He must have been “baching it” for a few years.  We didn’t see Bo again until 2009 and he was still a bachelor. 


South Steens Wild Horses M1881c



He’s definitely getting more husky, wouldn’t you say?



















South Steens Wild Horses B102108c_sky replaced



After the fall 2009 gather, he acquired a nice little harem.  In fact, one of our favorite mares (I’ll bet she’s yours too), Charm, was with him, with her daughter, Saige.  More about Charm later…












Bo was very busy that spring.


Defending his new found family...

South Steens Wild Horses B106478ces





South Steens Wild Horses B118251c



He added a new member to his harem in 2011 - a "minime."  I know you can never know who is the sire of a foal out there, but this one leaves little doubt, I think.


By this time, Saige was off with a stallion of her own.











South Steens Wild Horses B119958




 Tender moments...
















South Steens Wild Horses B119581c



I just love it when foals mimic their parents like this.  Notice the ears?  In the next photo, Bo put his ears forward and so did the foal!















South Steens Wild Horses M122115c



No big surprise, Bo has held onto his mares and even added Calista in 2012.














And he’s still going strong.  He now has a look alike two year old, a yearling and foal from Charm and a new foal from Calista.  We’ll take that with a grain of salt, since you never know in the wild.  I think it’s a good bet he is the sire.  I can’t imagine him letting any other stallion on his turf!


South Steens Wild Horses B130042_banner


2013  Bo's family band

South Steens Wild Horses B139150c





















Bo's band going to the waterhole...


Bos band at the waterhole for blog




You simply could not talk about the Hollywood Herd without talking about Charm.


She is hands down, one of the prettiest mares we’ve ever seen.  With a mane that nearly goes to her knees and eyes that are doleful, she is mesmerizing to nearly everyone who sees her.


I believe she is a dunskin pinto.  She has a dorsal stripe and leg barring, sure markings of a dun.  Where that luscious mane came from is anyone’s guess.  I know of no one who saw her as a foal; at least that was confirmed without a shadow of a doubt.


She has never been freeze branded.  This doesn’t mean she hasn’t been gathered, but likely gathered and released at the trap site.  Good decision – she throws beautiful babies!  The fact that she’s never been freeze branded means we don’t know her age, though.  Is she old?  I don’t know.  It feels that way, but oh how easy it is to be wrong about that!


We first saw Charm in 2008 with Saige, who looks like a yearling or perhaps a two year old.  From what I can tell from the photos from then, she was with Ranger.  She was also with him in 2009.  The alternative is that Ranger was Jack’s lieutenant in 2009.  Confusing enough for you?



South Steens Wild Horses M8545c



April 2008












South Steens Wild Horses B6925





September 2008















South Steens Wild Horses B0107


Her 2009 colt sure looks like Ranger.  Of course…















After the 2009 gather, Charm was with Bo.  She seemed comfortable with him and as you know, she is still with him.  Charm is pretty unflappable, but I like to think she is content.



South Steens Wild Horses B107236



Ranger’s foal?  Jack's foal?  Who knows?



We  don’t know what happened but the foal disappeared later that summer.










South Steens Wild Horses B106386e



Charm and Saige, Spring 2010


This is one of my favorite photos from this year.














South Steens Wild Horses B119798c



Spring 2011
















South Steens Wild Horses B118973c

                                                                                 Spring 2011



South Steens Wild Horses M122143c


Charm's 2012 foal




South Steens Wild Horses M122540c














One thing you can say without a doubt, Charm has beautiful babies!!



South Steens Wild Horses B138294

Charm's 2013 foal



Like you, I hope this gorgeous mare keeps going strong for many more years to come!





The most famous of all the South Steens stallions?  I’m not sure, but this big dun is certainly well known and very popular.


He has what I would call, “stallion presence.”  In a very big way.  He’s also a very big boy.


Honor was born in 1998, which makes him 15 this year.  He’s still going strong as a band stallion, though his band has varied in size over the years.


I would be willing to guess (though I don’t know), he is responsible for many, if not most, of the duns and grullos in the Hollywood Herd.  I certainly do know he’s had several red duns and rich sorrels with flaxen manes and tails come out of his band.


I believe we first saw Honor in 2008, or at least that is the time we were closest.  He was with a mare that looked startlingly like Charm.  In fact, it took me awhile to realize it *wasn’t* her.


Have you ever seen that expression before?


South Steens Mtn Wild Horses M5428c



South Steens Wild Horses M4041



May 2009














South Steens Wild Horses B107232




Honor's band, Spring 2010


Yes, that is Domino.  Is Honor his sire?  No one knows...














South Steens Wild Horses M107448

Spring 2010

This is one of my all time favorite photos, and probably my favorite of a stallion and his foal.  Ahhh, the soft side of a stallion.  Love it!



South Steens Wild Horses M100497


Spring 2010















South Steens Wild Horses B118826



Spring 2011


Honor's band seem smaller this year.












South Steens Wild Horses B119040



Spring 2011
















South Steens Wild Horses M117472


Interestingly, Honor was not with the Hollywood Herd when we were there in June of 2012.  We did see him in the backcountry, hanging out with the silver bay.  We didn’t get a single photo of him.



Not so for 2013.  He is right in the middle of the Hollywood Herd again.


South Steens Wild Horses B138447ce


Still going strong!




I can hear you all sigh.  Oh yes.  We sigh too.  What a beauty!!


I hope you'll forgive me if I have a whole slew of photos of Shaman!  He is most photogenic- and magnetic of stallions.  It seems that every time we noticed, both our cameras were swinging his way!  LOL


Our good friend, John Whelan, has a shot of Shaman and Sox which suggests they were both born in either 2004 or 2005 and came from the same natal (birth) band.




South Steens Mtn Wild Horses M5393cs



We first saw Shaman sometime later (2008), as a young bachelor stallion, though this looks as if he is standing next to his dam.














Shaman was a very busy young stallion in 2009.  He was all over the Hollywood Meadow, stirring up trouble.  We could never identify that he was with a bachelor band.  How could we?  He never stayed still!



South Steens Wild Horses M4014c


Spring 2009













South Steens Wild Horses M4025




Spring 2009















By 2010, it certainly appeared that Shaman had taken on the role of Honor’s lieutenant.  Whether Honor intended it or not, Shaman chased absolutely every stallion in the area.  The poor guy rarely rested…



South Steens Wild Horses B105157e


Spring 2010

On the lookout














South Steens Wild Horses B105866c


There he goes....



South Steens Wild Horses M107106c


One of the stallions he took a particular dislike to in the spring of 2010.  If he was anywhere in the vicinity, Shaman took chase.













South Steens Wild Horses M107089c


There he goes again!















South Steens Wild Horses M107124c



Looky who!  Four Socks!


















If anything, he was even busier in 2011.



South Steens Wild Horses B118860c




South Steens Wild Horses B119936c


Is it that mane?
















South Steens Wild Horses B119963


Or is it the blue eyes?  For me, it's both!!
















There were big changes for Shaman in 2012.  He finally acquired a mare and her foal (likely not his as he did not have a mare the year before).  With his first family, came big personality changes.  Instead of being in the middle of everything and full of self confidence, he suddenly became reclusive.  We found him far away from the Hollywood Herd, hanging out pretty much by himself.  There is no doubt he was going to protect that little family with everything he had.


South Steens Wild Horses B120805c


Shaman's new family, Spring 2012














South Steens Wild Horses M1204013c























South Steens Wild Horses B130107c



This year he still had his pretty grulla mare but lost his yearling to Red Vogue just last week.  There is a foal with them.  Shaman's?  That's difficult to answer...













I will end with one of my favorite photos of Shaman...


South Steens Wild Horses M102482c

Not to worry!  There is still a video!  ;-)


I know everyone has been concerned about Jack and his band.  It'll be another two weeks before I publish my blog about Jack, so I thought I would give you a video update.


Jack's band coming to mineral lick clip 1_South Steens Wild Horses video for blog





As I said, Part Two next week.  Stay tuned!


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Kay Martin(non-registered)
I always enjoy what you post and this video of Jack's band is so beautiful. Thank you so very much for sharing.
Terri Harris(non-registered)
LOVE your Blog!! Thank you for all of the hard work, time, information, stories and love you put into this blog and your pictures. You bring such joy to many people!! Many thanks!!
jackie parsons(non-registered)
wonderful blog so lovely to hear how the herds are doing thank you Barbara have a great time xx
Beverly Robb(non-registered)
Wow, what a wonderful blog page. It was obvious you put so much heart and soul into the work. I loved meeting the players and watching your films. But the film of Jack's family bad was heartbreaking in a way. It it immediately obvious how thin he is. And if I noticed correctly, he looks to be favoring his left rear leg some. But animals just seem to keep going on with no complaint, instead of moaning and groaning about it the way we sometimes do.

Once again, great job and many thanks for all of your hard work'
Gill Dixon(non-registered)
Absolutely wonderful. Thank you Barbara
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