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Aspen B6076cAspens B4602Christine Falls B0522Monument Valley B163697Malheur Sunrise M0100sSilver Creek B0212Fall Trees M1296Ferry & Olympic MountainsGlacier RainbowLong Barn, P Ranch M5101Waterfall M5608Malheur Sunrise M1604Bodie Island Lighthouse B143367eAspen TreesMount Shuksan B1846Teton Sunset B2sDeception Falls B1998Mount Shuksan M9962Monument Valley B163820Aspen Leaves M5096c

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Katherine Van Hemelryck(non-registered)
I just discovered these, and oh my they are fantastic like all the photo's you all take that we get to see.
These are just amazing in clarity and sharpness and a joy to look at.
Trish Lee(non-registered)
OMG............beautiful, beautiful pictures!
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