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South Steens Mtn Wild Horses M6533Palomino Butte Wild Horses B8976Big Summit HMA Wild Horses M124919South Steens Wild Horses B119816South Steens Wild Horses M139162South Steens Wild Horses M100136South Steens Wild Horses B6959South Steens Wild Horses M100278South Steens Wild Horses M1204166South Steens Wild Horses B157344South Steens Wild Horses M1633South Steens Wild Horses M0050South Steens Wild Horses B157375South Steens wild horses M3759South Steens Wild Horses M4062South Steens Wild Horses M1212984South Steens Wild Horses B170418South Steens Wild Horses M0682South Steens Wild Horses M9511South Steens Wild Horses B5866

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Carol Wilder(non-registered)
Love this Oregon. I got to see my Cortez. Thanks so much. I love the way you have sit the side button up. You are doing a fantastic job with the Albums.
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