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Don't know where to start or what you want? These are a hundred or so of our favorite photos over the years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
South Steens Wild Horses M179256Red fox M0011California Quail B6505South Steens Wild Horses M152590Black-crested Titmouse M143559Teton Sunset B2scmm canvasRed Desert M126730Anna's Hummingbird fledgling M4959Glacier RainbowWyoming wild horses B5019Sodhouse Ranch M0742Fish Creek Wild Horses B130298 canvasCalifornia Quail rooster & hens M8479Cedar Waxwing M0500Bobcat M1168South Steens wild horses M3759Kiger Mustang M6551Great Blue Heron in Hoh Rainforest B99Great Egrets M140593-4ce canvasGreater Sandhill Crane flying M8310