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Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177625Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177663Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177664Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177665Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177666Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177667Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177668Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177669Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177670Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177671Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177672Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177673Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177674Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177675Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177676Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177677Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177678Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177679Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177680Cooper Franklin_Feb11_leaguechampionship M177681

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